Best Mileage Bike

Best Mileage Bike

July 7, 2023 0 By Sylvia Watkins

When purchasing a bike, mileage should be one of your main considerations; however, in order to find one with optimal mileage that also meets both your budget and needs.

Top manufacturers provide an assortment of bikes with excellent mileage that are sure to meet all of your needs, such as Bajaj CT 100, TVS Star City Plus and Honda CBZ 125. Here are a few popular models you might consider: Bajaj CT 100, TVS Star City Plus and Honda CBZ 125 are just three models to consider.

Bajaj CT 100

The Bajaj CT 100 is an economical commuter bike with impressive fuel efficiency – reaching close to 90 kilometers per litre on average! Additionally, maintenance costs are minimal, making this an excellent value option.

It features a straightforward suspension setup consisting of telescopic forks at the front and a trailing arm with co-axial hydraulic shock absorber and spring in the rear, while both ends of this vehicle feature 110mm drum brakes for stopping duties.

The new BS6 CT 100 features a Ride Control Switch to improve fuel economy. Available in three colors – Gloss Ebony Black (with Blue decals), Matte Olive Green and Flame Red – it competes against models such as TVS Star City Plus and Hero HF Deluxe in its 100cc commuter segment; at just 109 kg it performs better in terms of mileage compared to its heavier competitors.

TVS Star City Plus

The TVS Star City Plus is one of India’s highest mileage bikes, equipped with a powerful 109cc engine and high-tech features like CBS and front disc brakes for added safety and fuel savings. Perfect for daily commuters and perfect for daily commuting purposes alike – making this bike ideal for saving on both maintenance costs and fuel bills! It has an attractive sporty design which makes daily commuting enjoyable as well. Additionally, CBS and front disc brakes help save on maintenance expenses, making this an economical and practical choice!

Its 109cc single-cylinder engine generates 8.19PS and 8.7Nm of torque and is connected to a four-speed transmission, boasting 10-litre fuel tank capacity and weighing in at 116 kg. Furthermore, its brake system features 130mm drum at the rear with 110mm unit front for enhanced safety.

The new Star City Plus appears premium and more stylish than its predecessor. Featuring bikini fairing, dual-tone seat, and 3D logo on muffler guard. In terms of instrumentation, this model boasts both analog speedometer and digital display with trip and fuel indicator as well as an econometer and service reminder reminder.

Bajaj Platina 110

Bajaj Motorcycles have recently unveiled the updated Platina 110 with H-Gear or Highway Gear as its fifth gear. This motorcycle still sports the 115cc engine from Discover 110 with outputs of 8.6 PS and 9.81 Nm; combined with its 5-speed manual transmission.

The Platina 110 features an instrument cluster with a digital-analog layout. This display now shows low fuel warning, tripmeter and time readouts in addition to traditional readouts; additionally there is also a gear shift guide which assists riders in selecting optimal gearing settings for maximum mileage.

The new Platina 110 features an advanced 240mm front disc brake equipped with single-channel ABS technology – making it the first and only bike in its segment to do so. Furthermore, rear drum braking options of 110mm make this bike ideal for urban commutes thanks to its light weight and decent handling characteristics.

Honda CBZ 125

Honda is well known for manufacturing affordable, practical 125cc commuter bikes – and their CBZ was no different. Introduced to India in 1999, this lightweight sports bike set the precedent for what became known as India’s golden age of motorcycles.

Air-cooled four-stroke single cylinder engine was upgraded for 2015 with fuel injection to increase low to midrange torque and fuel economy. Furthermore, this bike features a balanced shaft which minimizes primary vibrations compared to many singles in this class that often feel twitchy and uncomfortable.

This makes the bike an excellent first or learner bike that can be safely navigated in traffic with confidence, with running costs being low and maintenance hassle free – plus over 150 miles can be achieved on one tank of petrol!